Sunday, February 26, 2006


I did it!!!!! The Olympic Peppermit Puff Afghan is completed with 2 1/2 hours of olympic time to go. It really was more of a challenge to finish than I thought. Having a cold and staying home from work helped (when I wasn't sneezing) as well as watching a movie with my family last night till midnight (everyone fell asleep but me). I finished the last half of a row this morning. It was a challenge mostly because I really do jump from project to project...I rarely stay on one thing. I may finish the projects but I never really worked on one and one thing only for so long a in a way, I sorta deserve that gold medal that I will be posting on my blog later today or tomorrow. I hope Team Afghan does the job too.
The pic below is me in mid-crochet....check out the squirt bottle next to me....(don't ask!) Anyway I did do it and I'm happy. Now I can work on a couple of small things that I've been itching to get my hands on. Oh, by the way, my afghan will be donated to Project Linus (see sidebar). Check out a Project Linus near you.
Later on, or tomorrow, I'll have to tell you about the SECOND free steak we got yesterday evening when my sister took us out to before, we didn't ask for it, they just gave it to us....I'm afraid to go out to eat anymore cause restaurants are going to start refusing us cause they are losing money. Anyway, gotta go get presentable...enjoy your Sunday! Later! (check me out below...)