Monday, March 13, 2006

Storms a comin...

Well, I really don't have too much to say tonight. Storms are heading our way and will definately drop the temperature to the point that we are back to snow flurries or showers tomorrow. So, I figured, just in case the power goes out, (which it usually just blinks if anything) I better post something.
Thanks to some helpful suggestions, I've signed up to bloglines which is great cause it saves me more time to crochet and post on my blog. So thanks to Sue for mentioning it to me and in turn one of my favorite readers (among many) the ever popular "crochet mom" (and her cute velcro monkeys) has said that she would sign up also.
Now, I think I'm going to crochet....actually I really really really need to finish a number of unfinished projects.....and if so many bloggers did not mention that they too have many unfinished projects....I would have long ago joined "CA" (crocheters and/or crafters anonymous...did I spell that right?) But instead...I figure I'm normal. (yeah, right!)
Okay, that's it for tonight...oh crap, just remembered I have to go fold a load of laundry first.....BIG UGH, especially the socks!!!! Well, till tomorrow....stay cool!