Monday, March 19, 2007

Feeling philosophical....

This past weekend, the sweetie man, my son, and his gal pal spent time together talking alot about different you feel at different stages of your your past affects your people in your life affect how you feel. It was quite interesting...two people in their fifties and two college age kids. Sometimes I just shook my head thinking, wow, you've got a lot to learn. And likewise, had it been the sweetie man and I talking to an 80 year couple, I'm sure they would shake their heads and say the same to us.
We talked alot about what is important in life to each of us....that was probably the most amazing aspect to much you change through the years on what is important to you. I could write at length about what each person said but everyone is so different in their views. I also believe you are ALLOWED to change your views as well as your likes/dislikes....this part irks me a bit, because in my past, as I did change, I always heard my ex say, "you didn't used to like only like that now because so and so likes're being brainwashed", etc.... It was as if it were wrong to change...change is good....I was afraid to change for awhile and that is sad. No one should be afraid of change...of learning new things, enjoying new experiences....tossing the old ideas and bringing in fresh new ones.
I have to tell you that one big thing I changed is my love of dogs. I thought I was strictly a cat person. We had dogs when we were little but we weren't really as involved with them...they were outside and that was it. I still love cats and actually all animals, but there is something about dogs that has just tugged on my heart.....cats and dogs both can teach us so much about life if you watch and listen to them. God definately put them here for a reason and I'm really starting to see it. Sometimes I think to myself that I could just hear my ex saying, " you didn't used to like dogs" as though it were wrong for me to have this incredible attachment to them....but you know what....maybe I did love them all along and all the muck and mud that was put on me or that I took in from people in my life is being washed away....and as I get older I'm realizing what truly is important to me...what truly gives me happiness.
Anyway, on that note, take a moment and enjoy this little clip that was sent to me....(and turn on the sound for a nice effect) DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE
Enjoy, yinz crazy, guys.....(and thanks for listening)