Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy First Anniversay!

As you go towards your future,.........

...........never forget this picture, my son, of scooping up your beautiful bride and carrying her out towards the waves. Set this image in your mind.....of you protecting her and holding her close to you, fighting the waves and keeping her high and most important in your life...letting yourself be washed by the water before you would ever let anything touch her. And my beautiful daughter-in-law...always keep your eyes focused on your groom....holding him tight and even tho he may stumble in the sand, forever believe that he will never let you go. Most important, remember that the light of God will always be there to shine on you....He will always be at your back when the waves are too high and the water is too cold.....protecting you and keeping you safe when you let Him light the way and warm the waters. Happy First Anniversary...I love you both so much!!!