Friday, March 10, 2006


It's still face...different blog!!! How do ya like it??? I was nervous about doing it...I thought long and hard...but then I said, "heck, I'm not getting any younger; why the hell (I even said Hell) not?" I studied it long and concentrated on the changes...would I look right...would everyone approve....would my family still love me (I sound like I'm getting major botox!) Anyway, I did it and with alot of tweeking it worked. I love the look. But you say," why?...why change?" I can answer that in one simple word...okay two..."DAIRY QUEEN"! That's right...Dairy Queen! The Dairy Queen by my house is officially open and that means that SPRING is just around the corner....not to mention I saw a robin, a bunch of those annoying little gnats, a dead fly in my dog's water (it must have been flying a few minutes before!), and geese flying northward! The temperatures got into the sixties....and I'm very close to doing that yearly Pittsburgh ritual...namely, driving with the windows of my car down and the heater running! (and dare I mention, wearing shorts with a sweatshirt!)'s SPRING!!!! (or something close to it) So, naturally, I felt like a bit of house cleaning, or rather blog cleaning and now that I know a little bit more of what I'm doing, I might just do it a little more often!
Okay, next subject....I bought this book of patterns called, "Our Lady Of The Hours." It and it's creator were featured in a recent issue of "Crochet Fantasy" (which is a very nice mag by the way....much better than it used to be) Anyway, I put a link on my sidebar for her so you can check it out. (Crone-Findlay Creations) She does this whimsical spool knitting with dolls which are adorable as well as small crochet items and dolls. I actually just ordered another of her books about the spool knitting dolls. It reminds me of free form crochet in a way....with a little bit of "meditation" thrown in...and God knows, we all could use a little of that! Anyway, I'll post what I create, but do check her out. Her books are very nicely bound also.
Well, I'm tired of working on this computer tonight and I think I've more than made up for missing yesterday as certain people complained (you know who you are...ah, um!) Anyway, check back tomorrow...I think tomorrow just may be "Wedding Day" at the Folk 'n Fancy Blog....not mine....Barbie's! (think about it!) Tootly-do!

Not to worry... I didn't blog yesterday. I had good reason. I was about to blog and then I needed something out of a magazine and spent over an hour looking for it. When I finally gave up, I found what I was looking for but was too tired by then. So I went to sleep. (plus my sweetie came home early....okay!!!!???) Well, will probably blog a bit later so check me out...back to the old grind! Tootles!