Monday, March 27, 2006

Book reviews... some books in the mail today. I was waiting for them then all of a sudden they all came in on one day. So I'm going to give a little book review here.
The first one is the Crochet for Barbie.....

Okay call me crazy, but there is just something that draws me to that doll. My sister is the same way....must be something from our childhood. I actually think I wouldn't mind making the doll clothes and selling them. Well, anyway, I found this book on amazon at a pretty good price used so I bought it. The outfits in it are pretty cool....alot made with pearl cotton or Knit-Cro Sheen. Some of the yarns I've never heard of but I'm sure one shot on Google and I'd find them. The outfits are pretty up to date too. There's hats, ponchos, little purses, gowns, casual wear, Barbie afghans and pillows, outfits for Ken, even one for her dog. There are alot of cute sweaters and scarves and outfits for various seasons (a pumpkin sweater for instance). 75 in all. I think the crochet is done very that I mean it matches the size of Barbie versus being too bulky for her. It's worth checking it out if you are into making small doll clothes.
The book next to that, Ready, Set, Knit...was one that I saw on someone's blog and for the life of me cannot remember whose it was. I'm sure it was someone on my favorite blog list. Seeing that I'm wanting to start to knit again, I thought it was worth a look-see on Amazon. Nice book with lots of detailed pictures and some cute patterns. Good price used.
Now these next books were a trial from House of White Birches.

If I don't like them, I can return them postage free. My only problem with these, were that, for me, the patterns sorta reminded me of the 1970's. But someone else may love it. Trying it out for free...what the heck. But I'll be honest with you, I'll probably send it back. It came with the Quick and Easy Scrap Projects which I would pretty much give the same review....a little 70's for me. Don't get me wrong, some cute bookmarks and stuff, but I'm honestly trying to find new and updated looking stuff. I was a little disappointed in both. It may be what you are looking I'm sure if you Google "House of White Birches" you'll find it.....may be too new for Amazon, but give it a try.
From everyone's comments on my cat, I guess cats all have their hangups.....A couple people suggested a 12-step program, which I thought was hilarious....but a good thought. I haven't even begun to tell you about my dog who likewise cannot hold his "licker"...except her drug of choice is the livingroom rug, walls, doors, and the inside of her doghouse. (not to mention SHE humps one particular pillow on the couch when no one is around) Where do I find these animals anyway...gotta love 'em.
Well, with that....I'm off to crochet land. Enjoy your evening and don't forget to get your daily dose of humor at THE FUNNY PEPPERS! (Hey, check out Candel In TheWind too.....she made a cute sock monkey and has some cute stories to tell!) Till tomorrow...