Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm injured...

Would you believe I got an Olympic injury? Don't worry, it's not serious. The day after I stayed up late to finish my afghan, the back of my left hand was sore a bit. Nothing serious cause I pulled out more crochet and started again with another project. What a trooper I am. I just pulled out the old elastic fingerless craft glove and kept on crocheting.
I was going to post some pics of something (can't tell ya) but my computer does not wish to cooperate with me so you have to listen to me ramble on. I'm trying to get a bit of a following on my blog by posting daily or putting something interesting on it, but the computer does not always listen to me...grrrrr! (and could care less how many people visit me)
One thing, though not interesting, is that I have to drive a rental car all week cause one of our cars has a slight transmission problem (really, when you use the word "transmission" it usually is not slight....who am I trying to kid) Any way, the rental guy picked me up to get the car this morning. Needless to say, because it was earlier than usual, I got to work earlier than usual. This surprised a few people cause I never ever ever get to work on time...I try but I'm always a few minutes late. I try to make up for it by leaving a couple of minutes later at the end of the day...but who's really watching. So, I guess I just have to live by the rule that I have posted in my office (and in the last place I worked) which is "It sure makes for a long day when you get to work on time." I told my boss when he saw me come in early, "don't get used to this." Oh, we have alot of fun in our office, so we can joke back and forth like's cool!
Ok, my second story, was the one about the second free steak from the weekend. I'll make a long story short, but at the restaurant we went to on Saturday, my sweetie again, for whatever reason, didn't get the right steak. They tried to correct it sorta half-fast, but it just wasn't the right steak. So, he ate it anyway. Within a few minutes, without asking for the manager, the manager comes over and says the steak is on them. Truly, this has never happened to us let alone two nights in a row. My sister took us to lunch on Sunday afternoon, and I gotta tell ya, I prayed that the meals were good and everyone got what they ordered. We did, for the most part, and if we didn't, I wasn't going to let anyone complain. I was afraid the restaurants in our area wouldn't let us in anymore.
Okay, so the stories weren't too exciting but at least I wrote something today. It's snowing outside now and we are supposed to get a couple of inches overnight. So, I think I'm going to pull out some crochet then hit the hay. Hopefully, I'll be able to post something a little more interesting tomorrow....don't give up on me! Tootles!