Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dear God....

Dear God...
Please do not let my dog EROS grow up to be this big. Please do not give him a 38 inch neck and weight in at 282 (like the above 3 year old mastif). I do not think that Petsmart makes collars that big and remember he is part LAB.
Also, I would truly appreciate if his paws are NOT the size of softballs as the size they are now at 10 months is enough to cause pain when he steps on my foot.
Please do not make me have to purchase a bushel basket for a food dish as I think that food is only packaged in bushel basket sizes meaning that I would have to buy a bag a day at $20 bucks a pop....unless you have plans for me to hit the lottery in the near future.
Most important, please keep his poop the same pooper-scooper works fine and I'm not really good with large shovels.
Oh, one more thing.....keep him as loveable and huggable as he is right now! He's the BEST!
Thank you!
P.S.......By the way, ARE there any plans for me to hit the Lottery?