Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why me????

Guess you are wondering why I'm posting that pic...some stories just have to be told. You know when you see that cute little baby and you think about how cute they are and how much you would like to have one until....until they turn into the TEEN MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE!!!! Well, the same goes for those cute little puppies....listen up you wanna-be dog owners. Don't get me wrong, I love this huge 120 pound eleven month old puppy to bits....but yesterday was definately the vet-visit from H-E Double Hockey Sticks!
It turns out Eros was limping on his back paw yesterday...I saw nothing there but called the vet anyway to see what to look for. They said he probably just stepped on something outside and to give him Ascripton and soak the foot in espsom salts for 10 minutes a couple of times a day. (yeah right....did they know he weights 120 pounds....I don't think so!) Anyway, when I got home for lunch his one claw area was red and swelling. Another call to the vet.....they said it could be infected and I needed to bring him there right away. This would mean I had to take time off from work to get a 120 pound limping mastif/lab in the front seat of our truck while driving in a torrential storm/downpour...yeah right! He hadn't been in our truck since he was able to sit nicely on the floor between my legs in the passenger side. My neighbor managed to help me get him in but as I was driving in a car with no air conditioning in the downpour, a mastif in my face breathing very hard and fogging up my windows, it was not a pretty cute dog in the car moment!
Anyway, to make a long story short, got him to the vets, had to wait awhile and sit with all the little tiny dogs that were smaller than the bones he gnaws on, (and he wanted to play with each and every one) gave the people in the waiting room a good laugh as they watched Eros literally pull me out of my seat when my name was called (one little girl sitting with her teeny dog thought Eros was a Bear...go figure) only to find out $263 later that he had an infection from licking a small wounded area on his paw. The worst part was that he has to wear the dreaded E-collar! The above pic, my dear dog lovers, is my sweet Eros a bit dazed and confused (they had to drug him to X-ray the paw) holding onto his security bone after he came home. He's on some antibiotics (huge doses actually because of his size) and is doing much better, thank you very much!
So, remember my story when you see those cute little loveable be totally honest with you....had I known moments like yestereday would occur when seeing that little puppy face...I still would take that big gentle giant of a dog home with me!
Till next time, yinz crazy guys....