Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our Wedding....

Well, we're back...and very very happy! Everything was beautiful. I do have to tell you a little story. The day, weather-wise, was warm but rainy and cloudy so we were dodging raindrops most of the day. The church we were married in has beautiful large windows, so the night before, knowing the weather was going to be dreary, I said a prayer that maybe just for a little bit, around 7 pm, the sun could shine through those windows as it is so beautiful. As the wedding drew near, I sorta forgot about it and said it really wasn't that important anyway as I was just so happy nothing could dampen this day. Well, I was in a room with curtains on the window getting ready and then when it was time, I was to step out into and down the hall to the sanctuary. Well, as soon as I stepped into the hall and looked into the lobby area.....the sun broke through all those clouds and shined for about one half hour like you would not believe! Well, needless to say that is when the tears started to breath was taken away! God had truly blessed our marriage! Sweetie Man said the God was letting in our parents and my brother and his wife from Heaven to watch us get married....either way, it was absolutely amazing!!! The rest of the night it poured and hailed, but we were inside having the time of our lives. The honeymoon was incredible but I'll let you digest pictures of the wedding first and then I blog some honeymoon. Thank you for all your wonderful good wishes for us are all awesome cyber-friends!
With that said, enjoy the pictures below. Be sure to press both the arrow in the middle and when the music begins, press the play button on the bottom. Let me know if you have trouble viewing and I'll set up another link also. Enjoy yinz guys.......

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