Wednesday, April 12, 2006


First I have to say that having a bad day as I did yesterday does have it's good points. Namely, I tend to take out all my frustrations on my house...meaning, after working 8 hours, I came home, cut the lawn, wash clothes, cleaned my bathroom, hung a new shower curtain, and probably would have done more had the clock not been stricking Midnight! Needless to say that gave me a good night' sleep and a fresh start in the morning.......NOT!!! Okay, not quite as bad as yesterday. The morning started out good with a free blood pressure check and blood work that was being done at my work today. Blood Pressure good (luckily it was today and not yesterday) and blood work completed. I survived. Went back home to grab a quick bite to eat before coming back to work (only live about a mile away) only to hit a curb with my vehicle on a turn then make it back to my driveway only to watch the air slowly release itself from my tire!!!
I had a half hour to figure out my plan....and eat....and get my coffee (that was a must!) Well, luckily, my town is small enough that people know people and so I called my friends at the tire/car place who said they would come up to my driveway while I was at work and take care of the problem. (heck, why shouldn't they...I'm keeping them in business!) Anyway, my son took me to work and here I sit at my son's mercy again without a car as he had school today.
But (here's where the good part comes in)....when I got to work, I read all the beautiful comments about everyone hoping I had a better day in addition to my wonderful sweetie man telling me how many good days I had versus bad (and he was most definately right!)....I just couldn't be in a bad mood I'm not.
I do have to tell you something tho that my almost 19 year old did yesterday. He called me on his way home with the gal pal from a Pirates Game (Go Bucs!) telling me to listen to the radio right then and he would be on it. It seems he called in on a little contest they were holding (I'm not going into details on what exactly it was) using one of his impressions that he loves to do and he made the dj laugh, so they put him on the was quick....but it was funny. He called me back on his cell phone asking me if I heard it. I was laughing, they were laughing....and then he said something that made a Mom think she did alright in raising her child...he said, "Mom, I did that for you cause you were in a bad mood today and I wanted to make you laugh!" Wow, what more could I ask for. He cared enough to do that! (I think I'll keep him!!!)
Okay, one last is a picture of a lamp that was designed by Ed and put together by me. It's a special gift for our guests this weekend (Ed's daughter and family) whom we love dearly......

The bottle was once filled with a cider wine sorta thing from Michigan (that we drank awhile back....bring more!!!) that we filled with peanuts and shredded paper then decoupaged the shade with pics of times spent with them! I added some grapes and a jute bow. Turned out pretty nice I think.
Well, that's it for now.....thanks for all the uplifting comments from yunz I know why I blog!!! Till tomorrow (the last day of the week for me!!!) ...tootles!