Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hola, mi amigas & amigos...

(soft mexican music playing in the background).....Welcome to the International Hour. Today we are going South of the Border where you will meet the one, the only, the lovely....
What do ya think? Cute, no? This is the Simply Shells Dishbottle Dress (click the title for the link) I took it one step further so that it would go in my Hot Pepper Theme Kitchen (which by the way Sweetie Man told me he will be posting pics of in his blog very soon....I'll let ya know when) . I love the colors as it goes with the curtains above my sink. There are so many different styles and patterns for these little dresses and you can even dress up your hand soap bottles. I did this one in the Sugar and Cream cotton and whipped it up very quickly. It's a little tricky around the waist but if when you are doing the pattern and you think about how it is supposed to look, you'll do fine. If not......send me an email and I'll be glad to be of assistance.
Well, that's really all I have to say tonight. My cutie dog, Katie, had her annual vet appointment and $241 later, she's healthy and ready to take on whatever the Summer dishes out for her. (rabies, fleas, heartworm, ....etc...) She was very good at the vet and I was really proud of her.
So, till tomorrow....and FRIDAY (oh, yeah!) Hasta Manana....(mexican music fades out.....)