Friday, June 08, 2007

7 MORE!!!

Okay...Court (aka LG) tagged me a few days ago on the 7 Meme. I'm running out of things to tell you but here goes...

  1. My son has me wrapped around his finger. PERIOD!
  2. I am a "worker bee"...not a "queen bee"...don't want to be a "queen bee". I have a real difficult time telling anyone to do anything. I cannot be the boss of anyone which is the reason for Item #1.
  3. I could eat pizza every day!
  4. I love to go out for breakfast....purposely eat a big one if I eat out so I don't have to eat lunch. I HATE TO HAVE TO EAT LUNCH! Too difficult to figure out something to eat.
  5. I didn't used to be a dog lover until I got three of them at one time...always loved cats.
  6. I must have a cup (mug) of coffee twice a day. (morning and evening) If I'm cranky anytime, the Sweetie Man will ask me if I had my coffee yet.
  7. I can only drink water that is room temp....hate it cold! Freezes my throat..UGH! (sorta like a brain freeze but in your throat)

Okay, there you have it...7 more weird things about me!!

Hey, and while your on the computer anyway, check out the site Saw this over at Jewels blog. Really cool and easy to use! Check it out and have some fun with your pictures.

Well, off to make more buttons.....till next time, yinz crazy guys....