Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finally a working camera...

I'm here....just couldn't get the darn pics uploaded from the camera. I finally did so now sit back and enjoy cause I got lots to show you.
First off is our precious new grandson (my step-grandson) with his bib that I cross stitched for him. Isn't he absolutely adorable?

Next it was my great nephew's 2nd birthday and being as he loves trucks soooooooo much I had to make one of this blankets...this material was just calling his name!

I also cross stitched this card cute card for him also. Not that he knows it's hand stitched....but his mom liked it!

I was so bummed as I mis-placed our 50+ year old manger scene. It's somewhere in this house but with the kids moving in then out, it got put elsewhere. So I came up with this quickie one made of glass blocks and manger scene silhouettes from sticky paper. Saw this on the web somewhere and thought it was very clever. I did it in an evening.

My LNS owner had a Christmas Party at her house for a few of the gals who go to her Wednesday night stitching group. I decided to whip this up from the 2009 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament Magazine for her tree. So easy!

I was in an ornament exchange and this is the ornament I sent. It's the second time I made it and it's from a very old magazine from the 80's. I just love it even tho it takes forever to make.

Did I tell you it was my birthday last Wednesday (9th)? I had a dear friend of mine bake me a cake which I took to my stitching group that night. Check out the needle and thread. It was sooooooo delicious!!

And this is the awesome ornament (3 sided) that I received in the ornament exchange. The pictures don't do it justice....incredible stitching!!!

Well, that's it for now. Back to more cross stitching and crocheting for Christmas. I love this time of year for crafting. I wish I would start earlier (like January) doing this for the holidays so everyone I know could have something homemade from me....but yinz guys know how that goes. Till next time....