Saturday, March 18, 2006

It's all about the Endorphins...again!

Okay, I know that you are tired of hearing about this...but I'm really concerned about the many bloggers I read who are stressed. Most of you are around 20 years younger than me and it pains me to think that you are going to live out the next 20 years this way. I managed to find a picture of me before.....before Crochet...before Yarn....before any type of needlework that truly meant something to me....Before...dare I say it again....ENDORPHINS!!!! Check it out:

I was stressed....believe it or not. I was as stressed as you. But now my life is that I know how to release those endorphins by crocheting my little heart out I have turned into this:

Now my sweetie helped to relieve some of my stress but that's me today...stress free and happy.....and you can be too. Release those endorphins....let go of your inhibitions....why heck...CROCHET NAKED!!! (okay, maybe I'm going a little too far)
Wouldn't that make a hell of a title for a book...THE NAKED CROCHETER! (we could all like take pictures of ourselves naked with yarn covering us in certain spots and have a calendar and...ok, bad idea)
Okay, now back to reality....I just wanted to make you laugh a little...don't you feel better now....('ve released some endorphins...mmmm...nice, eh!) Anyway, in truth the second picture is me with my Project Linus completions of which I've pictured in the past...the pink and white one is the Olympic one. It really is a good feeling to give back a little.
Well, today I reorganized my craft area a little and bought this great yarn bin a JoAnn Fabrics. I get into these moods where I just want to reorganize and clean out (I'm not a duster or a sweeper much but I am a "redder upper" as we say in Pittsburgh) Ya know...everything in it's place and a place for everything....tho it can have an inch of dust on it. So I'm pretty happy with that cause now I know where everything is and what needs to be completed. My Sweetie was working on his blog today and you have to check it out. He's added his ever famous guacamole recipe and some links to games and such plus some funny jokes....he is loving doing this. Now if you use Internet Explorer for some reason his blog is wacky colors. If you use Mozilla Foxfire or Netscape it's normal....he explains in his second post. Anyway, you gotta check him out. His link is The Funny Peppers...go ahead and let yourself release more of those endorphins.
Well, my sweetie-man is making beer can chicken....mmm, mmm, mmmm. Hey, it's not difficult and Walmart has the stands for $2.00 to $3.00. Easy and little mess...I wish I could send you the delicious aroma of it cooking. Oh, well, till tomorrow....chill....I said so!!!