Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A so-so day...

Not too much going on today. Rather quiet. I did manage to sleep in and not in a good way. I overslept but managed to wake up a half hour before I was to be at work. Being as I live about a mile from my work, it did make it. (I'm good at multi-tasking) I'm usually a few minutes late, but my motto is, "when you get to work on time, it sure makes for a long day!" It's actually posted in my office.
Anyway, once the work day was done, I managed to purchase a weed eater since I burned up the other one. I tend to do that with power tools. I also tried to find this squirt bottle my neighbor has that runs on batteries and you don't have to keep pressing the trigger. Is that not the funniest thing...I mean really, how lazy can we get!!! But we just have to have one!
Got some yard work done then I crocheted on the porch a little. When it was too dark to do that, I came in and proceeded to join the Paperback Swap (see sidebar for button) It's really a cool program that someone mentioned in CAL group. I posted 15 books, one being on someone's Wish List. This will give me three credits towards books. One credit equals one book that I can get. No money involved right now. The website is thinking about charging in a year or so to join...maybe $10 a year. But you just swap books. Check it out for all the details if you have alot of books laying around and enjoy reading as I do. Never can find enough time to do it tho. There are all sorts of books...including various crafts. Hey, I'm all for FREE...I wouldn't steer you wrong!
Well, that's it for tonight....hopefully I won't sleep in tomorrow...so till tomorrow...happy whatever!