Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I love Swaps!!!

Okay, I'm in this swap called The Great Bookmark Exchange. It quieted down for the Holidays but now it's back in full force with new members! I love books and I love to see what others are reading. When I'm in a restaurant, in a book store, or on the beach, I'm always looking to see what book someone is reading. I resist the urge to sit down with them and say, "what ya reading there?' or "why do you like this author?" ....I guess I just want to see what's out there book-wise and try different things. Anyway, the Bookmark Exchange is always taking in more members, so go check it out. You just exchange a book you have read with a homemade bookmark and maybe some other little deadlines, no amounts you need to spend....I've done a few of them already!
Anyway, my point being is that Briana from Alaska, sent me this great package.

The best part is that she sent a book about these Alaskan women....something I probably would have never thought to pick up myself. It's next on my reading list now. I can't show you yet what I sent her as it's in the mail as we speak. So, thanks, Briana.....great swapping with you and I hope you enjoy what I sent.

Next, I must make a confession here. I'm an organizer...I get some sort of "high" when I organzie things. (aka "redder-upper") I love to buy containers and such to put things in or folders to file things. Anyway, JoAnn's has a 50% off coupon which was burning a hole in my pocket, so I bought this cool organizer (I already have my crochet and knitting projects organized in containers for the most part) for my cross stitch threads.

It was $10 with the coupon and has all sorts of cool little pockets and it came with these 5 containers for my threads. I love it!!!
So, my next problem will to organize all my organizational containers???? Any ideas?
Well, till next time, yinz crazy guys...........