Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hermit Weekend....

Well, this is my first International Hermit Weekend post. (see sidebar if you want to participate too) I was supposed to post by Tuesday, but well....I'm a procastinator as you can see. I promise to do better next month.
Unfortunately and as always.....Sir Echo got in the way. He insists on being right in front and on top and in the way of every stitching project I do. And he always seems to know exactly what part of the pattern I'm working on so he can sit on it....which by the way is the 2011 Littlehouse Needleworks Ornament collection.

Then he has the nerve to look at me like, "yeah...well...whadda you lookin' at??"

So, that was my third weekend of the month Hermit post.....I'm sure there will be alot more of these as I "hermit" alot with my stitching.
So, till next time, yunz crazy guys!