Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Rockin' Girl Bloggers...my picks!

Okay....I'm gonna wimp out here.....I honestly cannot pick a number of blogs I enjoy......I truly enjoy all 125 blogs that are on my own bloglines....(and a few that aren't yet)
Check out my list of blogs on my sidebar...if you are on there...YOU ARE MY FAVORITE! I picked those blogs because I got something from each and every one...whether it be something as simple as the design of your blog that makes me smile to your honesty on life to your particular craft, to where you live and even what you read....I love you all! My 20 year old son asked me yesterday which of the dogs was my least favorite (updated pics coming soon by the way, per request!) and I said I love them all ...I get something different from each of them....Katey my oldest, tho a bit paranoid, let's me know about strangers near the house as well as being the only one who truly listens to me. Eros, my 120 lb mastif/lab is just so darn loveable and cuddly to me, yet intimidating to those who don't know him for my protection. And Chloe, dear dear terrier mix crazy Chloe, is just so happy to be alive and full of life and inquisitiveness that you can't help but love her to bits with all of her insane energy as well as keeping Eros active. (mostly by harrassing him!) I wouldn't have them in my life if I didn't get a little something to add to my life from them.
It's that way with people you meet....you take away a little something from everyone. I learned that from the Sweetie Man...it truly makes a difference in your life and greatly enhances it.
So, with that said, no matter what blog you have....you're GREAT in my book...thanks for being the best darn Girl Bloggers anywhere!!! Till next time, yinz crazy guys.......