Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It was a "doggone" beautiful weekend!!!

Well, if yinz guys live anywhere near SW PA, you know that we had a BEAUTIFUL Sunday afternoon. The sweetie man and I, being as we are changing our eating and exercising habits, (note the 1 lb. weight loss...better than a gain!)we hit the road to wonderful Northmoreland Park. No greenery on the trees, but lots of folks around. This park has a beautiful 1.1 mile walkway around the lake. In the summer you can also ride paddle boats on the lake. It's very clean and there are fishing areas, picnic areas and even a nice little boat house. It's not officially open yet but it was still very enjoyable.

We walked around the lake twice and brought some outdoor chairs and sat near the lake for awhile...the sweetie man did a crossword and I tried to read but dozed off....now that's the way to spend a warm Sunday afternoon!!

Everyone asks how the puppies are doing so I thought I would show you a few pics. They may look like they are vicious with each other, but actually they are playing. Our 8 month big baby, Eros, (aka "Thunder") follows little Chloe (aka "Lightening") around all the time..he just adores her..luckily she is fixed. I must say they did fight over a pig year yesterday and Chloe had to be physically removed from the scene when they got a little too rough and wouldn't break it up, and not without a little blood shed! Everyone was okay...not to worry. But when they finally were back in contact, they licked each other in the face....kids, geez!!!! (check out Lucille Ball on the TV next to Eros' face!!)

Someone in my house thought it would be funny if he took a pic of me cleaning Eros' cage...(you know who you are, "sweetie man"!)I did fit in the cage with room to spare but I wasn't exactly dressed for picture taking! (it does look funny tho!)

The puppies are getting better with all their "nasty" habits so I'm hoping that in the near future we can do some major updating of some old stuff in our house like rugs and furniture! We figured it would be fruitless to get new rugs now with them around as puppies....this is a very old house and it still needs alot but all in due time. I always feel that the most important thing is there...LOTS OF LOVE AND LAUGHTER!!!

Okay...just so no one feels slighted on this post....here is a great swap I recieved from Evelyn on the Great Bookmark Exchange. A beautiful handknitted bookmark, some chocolate, spring stationary, a knitted flower pin (which I plan on attaching to a purse I'm making), some flower seeds (which will be definately planted), an adorable lamb pen and of course a book entitled "Knitting, a Novel"....how nice and Spring-like at that!!! I loved that she did it in a theme! Thanks again, Evelyn.
And I also was in a fat quarter swap. Got this one from Jen! You are supposed to swap 3 pieces but she gave me 4....the extra being that beautiful butterfly piece! Thanks, Jen!

It makes me start itching to work on my quilts! A relative of mine, whom I love dearly, (won't say who yet) just told me she was pregnant (BIG YIPPEE!!!!)so I'll be quilting soon anyway...and crocheting....and knitting....and cross stitching!!!!

Well, that's about it for today. The weather is once again warm and sunny with a little rain thrown in and that's okay. We did break out the front porch swing on Sunday and sat and did a crossword together, the sweetie man and I. I'm terrible at them but he insists that I can do them. I'm also playing scrabble with him...it's he's fav game and he plays it on the computer...so after all these years I said I would give it a shot...I stink at it, of course, and he keeps wanting to help me (he's so sweet) but it is fun. We even took a shortened version of it to Starbucks on Saturday and sat in the back with our coffee and played.
That's about it for my weekend! Hope yours was awesome too! So, till next time, yinz crazy guys......