Monday, February 26, 2007

This doesn't look good!

This is what happens when you leave a 9 month old puppy alone in a living room while you quickly run upstairs to put curlers in your hair .....

This is a Sensor Bar for a Nintendo Wii....basically the whole system is useless without this little 9 1/2 by 3/4 inch bar. Chloe (who looked the most guilty over it) thought it was something new to chew on and within a blink of an eye....crunch! (take note, Kare!) I was more worried about how my son would react....he was okay (luckily his girlfriend forewarned him for us)....I think the fact that we ordered it online within two hours since we could not get it at any stores in town, eased the pain also! (the things we do for our kids!)
On a happier note, I managed to do more crocheting this past weekend than anything as I'm trying to finish up some items I need to mail out. I finished up the slippers for Sweetie Man's daughter.
These are really warm but because you need to use two strands of yarn, for me, they are hard on the hands and I periodically have to take breaks inbetween. (okay, so I'm getting old...but only in the hands) They are very easy to do tho.
I also finished up two crocheted caliometry headbands for my niece which will go out this week...(I promise, Alexis!) She asked for the color I had pictured in a previous post and a brown one. Now all I gotta do is make one for myself! I love those!

I've also been working on some cross stitch. This is the wedding cross stitch for my nephew who is getting married in the Summer.
The weird part is that I bought it a long time ago not knowing who I was going to make it for. I recently found out they are doing the theme of Cinderella for their wedding and just by chance this will say "Happily Ever After" above their names.

How cool is that. It is very detailed with different stitches I've never done and little pearl beads around the outside. I'm also taking the advise of many of you and working my cross stitches in areas rather than doing all of one color then moving to the next. I'm definately doing less frogging. This piece will be a good challenge for me...and when it comes to crafts, I love a challenge!

Anyone get this magazine by the way?

Lots of nice things in it. I personally have started on the crocheted fingerless gloves. They are so cute. I'm using Red Heart sport. This mag is nice because it gives you substitutions for the yarns in the patterns. I also like the froggy hat which I'm going to make for my neighbor who loves frogs and has a little 2 1/2 month old boy.

That should be cute (pics to follow...don't worry!)
Also got this mag over the weekend but only for the hawk moth cross stitch. I like butterflies and Sweetie Man is interested in butterflies and moths. (tho the cottage cross stitches are very tempting also)

And last on my list, did anyone see this book on GMA last week?

I just got it from paperback swap. Once it was on TV, it did go fast on that site too. Go figure! Well, it is very good by the way. It's just filled with daily reflections that are really enjoyable to read. Check it out...probably can get it used cheap on amazon.

Oh, one more thing...Sweetie Man took me to an IMAX Theatre over the weekend to see "Night At The Museum." That is some Big Butt Screen...let me tell you. Sweetie Man said he got a kick out of listening to me laugh. We were only two of about six people in the theatre and the fact that I laugh loud and was so into the movie cause the screen was big that you literally forget there is anyone else around, could probably be a "kick" for just about anyone....if not a total embarassment...sorry, Sweetie Man. It was a good movie and lots of fun!

Well, I think I've bored you enough, so I'm going to go make dinner (don't get excited, it's just BLT's and chips and pickles) and watch Wife Swap. So till next time, yinz crazy guys.....