Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The house that Jack built...

Okay, it's not built by Jack but Habitat..for Humanity that is. Remember the house a few blogs back that I took a pic of with the basement walls being placed. Well, this is where it is today...

I just find it very interesting to watch this all come together. And this is only a small house....think of a skyscraper or malls. I mean, Ed and I were so fascinated by the mall that was built near us that was nothing but a giant hill. Now it's a mall and restaurants and a huge Walmart, Lowes, and rumor has it, a Michaels! It's incredible the knowledge that goes into that.
Besides going to work, my day was sorta laid back, which is why you got a picture of the house that is being built. I did do some crocheting, namely my bookmark for the swap, but I can't show you that before my swap partner has it. Now all I got to do is pick a good book for her. And speaking of books, you know the paperback book exchange (see sidebar) I talked about yesterday? Well, I registered about 14 books and this morning I got a request for 3 of them. I sent them out this afternoon and as soon as they receive them, I will get 3 more credits towards books. (1 credit = 1 book) With my initial 3 credits for signing up and posting at least 9 books, that will make a total of 6 credits...or 6 books I can request at no charge. I've already ordered two. Sending out the three books cost me a total of $6.00 but receiving them will cost me nothing. I love this!!! Check it out if you haven't already! last thing....I neglected to post the two postcards I got for the Project Spectrum Postcard swap for May. The theme color was green.

The dino was from Coleen at Lighting Chick Knits I liked the weaving of papers and the fact that she coated it with a decoupage type varnish so that it wouldn't peel off in the mail. Great idea. The other is from Beth at Beth's Blog It's a photo of the shore area of a lake where she lives. Beth mentioned that the way the sun hit it, it gave off many shades of green....perfect for the May Spectrum. I thought what a great idea it was to merely take a picture of an area you like where you live in the colors for the month needed, and just make a little card. I'm going to try that one.
Well, that's it for tonight...I've been in the mood to read and I'm almost done with my current read (see sidebar) that I've been dragging my feet on. I do tend to read more in the warmer months as I love to sit on the porch or go to the park with Ed and sit and read. So, till tomorrow and one day closer to the weekend....pick up good book and's good for your brain!!!