Friday, May 11, 2007 pics today!

But it is FRIDAY and beautiful here in SW PA! My son went away for a little weekend get-a-way with his friends and the Sweetie Man and I will be spending the weekend all alone....OH YEAH!!! Now that's a Mother's Day present.....I'll miss him but it's nice to have some alone time too.
I do have to tell you about my Stitch In that I went to on Wednesday. I really went there with doubts that I would enjoy myself but I had the BEST time! There were about 15 ladies, all different ages, working on all different sorts of cross stitch projects. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming...believe it or not, I'm sorta shy at first but then once I feel comfortable, I'll get everyone laughing one way or another. It was one lady's birthday, so Donna, (my x-stitch gru) had a surprise cake for her. MMMMMMM....yes, I had a small piece!
I just didn't realize how nice it was to sit quietly without teenagers asking where things are, dogs fighting with each other and no cell phones ringing.....sitting just cross stitching and chatting with others for three hours! I loved it! I also got to see how others work their projects and got some tips and hints. We got to walk about the store and shop if we wanted too. It was honestly like a "drug" that I just wanted more of. Everyone said they were going to go home and stitch more and I was one of them.
I found out also how much all of us "crafters" are alike...many of the ladies had a few projects going, they knit, they crochet and they read......just like me. I truly don't know or have any friends here with the same passions I have....just all my online friends. I'm talking about ladies who TRULY love to craft and do it alot. I know people who do things here and there but not like me. It was awesome....and well worth the $5.00. Now I see why everyone loves to go to these group things. I signed up for next month and so far she has 19....I'm getting there earlier...I was fashionably late cause I was nervous but I now see I had no reason to be. We jokingly suggested she have an "overnight" stitch-in at the store. One lady said that she actually did go to one of those and it was a blast....they stayed up all night and stitched. I don't think Donna went for it though...we have time to convince her!
She's holding an all day stitch-in on a Sunday in October that is already filled. I think it was near the Sweetie Man's birthday, so I passed it up. She will continue these monthly ones through December and I definately will try to make these.
So that's about all for now.......Enjoy your weekend....till next time, yinz crazy guys........