Friday, September 01, 2006

It was a POOPY day....literally!

(be forewarned....finish eating before reading this blog!) that that is out of the way, don't say I didn't warn you! Yesterday, I found out what is means to have the "S*#t" scared out of you! It went something like this......came home from work and told my next door neighbor, that we were going to finally take our puppy home with us. She was really excited because the others were going to the shelter and her house would be back to normal. Sweetie Man was coming home with a nice large crate for the Mastif/Lab puppy. She gave me the little sweetheart after her family kissed him good bye (they live next door to me within 3 feet actually!) and I brought the little fellow inside to meet his step-sisters (Katie and Chloe) I held him and they sniffed around all of his body parts, etc...(you know what I'm talking about here!) Anyway, he is so cute and laid back that he was even licking their faces. Katie, my older dog, got bored and left, and Chloe of course wanted to play (Think "ODIE" here from Garfield cartoons). I said, "Wow, this is nice! I'll take the pup outside for a little poopy pee party." Katie and Chloe followed me and that was okay...little more get acquainted action going on. I proceeded to place the puppy on the walked about 12 inches from me and happen to pass near Katie the elder dog (and grounds keeper) and brushed passed her while she was chewing a rawhide. WRONG THING TO DO! Katie pounced on that pup quicker than you can say....holy crap!!!! The puppy was screaming on his back with Katie on top....Katie nor Chloe expected that (don't worry Katie didn't hurt Eros, the pup) and it scared them also. I grabbed up the pup as it was yelping enough to bring the neighbors (who just gave me their precious baby) out to see what was happening. The pup would not stop yelping and as I was holding it like a baby trying to calm it, my neighbor called over...."you know it's pooping on you!" Actually it was pooping AND peeping on me...the stepsister dogs were upset and stepping in the poop as they scrambled to find out why the dog was yelping so loud and trying to follow me into the house. At that moment, Ed happened to drive up and came running out the back door to rescue me. Let me tell you...there was poop everywhere!!! The runny kind! Even on my glasses!!! (not a clue how it got there....must have been some projectile poop in the mix) I took off my clothes right at the door way (no one saw!) managing to throw my clothes outside near the cellar door to go in the wash. I got new clothes on but the pup apparently had not sufficiently "scared all of the s#*t" out of I got more on me. I managed to make it to the cellar and immediately put the pup in the washtub (he sorta quit yelping at that point) and gave him his first bath in his new home. While he was drying off....I changed my clothes for the second time in 15 minutes! We got everyone calmed down, hosed off most of the outside, (shoes, steps, rugs, etc...) and laid the baby pup down for a snoozer in his crate....after all that excitement....he slept!! We did check the pup for any boo-boos and he was clean! He did learn his first lesson tho....let chewing bigger dogs lie! And I learned mine......keep little pups from bigger chewing dogs!! After shedding a few tears (I was worried I damaged the pup mentally for life!)....Sweetie Man made us a delicious steamed crab leg feast with corn on the cob and lots of wine (which I needed at that point!) We went to bed with the Steeler game on, hoping Friday would be a less messy day....and it was....everyone is doing much better. We plan on keeping Katie the bigger dog at a distance from the pup and keeping a really good eye on the pup. Crazy Chloe is doing fairly well with Eros. I decided with Chloe's mischievous nature and full of energy personality, if she was human, she would be a hell of a fun person to go out with for a all girls' weekend....tho Sweetie Man said we would probably end up in jail!
So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.......we were supposed to go on a picnic cruise on the Gateway Clipper on Saturday but I changed the day due to good ole Ernesto heading up our way with loads of rain and wind. So we'll be spending the weekend chillin and making salsa and enjoying the "kids"! (Katie, Chloe, and Eros, that is!) I'll get some pics posted of the pup soon.....I have to get him in some good case anyone needs new wallpaper for their computer (wink!) Okay...till tomorrow...remember......POOP-R-DONE (I hope, anyway!)