Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Look closely....

Okay, picture this....I walk downstairs very early this morning only to find this black thing on my newly painted livingroom walls. (the above is not MY picture by the way....I really didn't think to take out my camera at 7:15 am in the morning, but this is the best and closest pic I could find) Three dogs are prancing around and the above is not moving...mmmm...what could this be? Thoughts: Eros the mastif has done the ultimate in slinging slim except this looks like dog poop....a large moth maybe? Well, I get the dogs out then decide to wake up my son and DIL. Of course the wonderful DIL comes down to brave the thing on my wall whilst the son says, "give me a few minutes." THERE IS SOMETHING ALIEN ON MY WALL AND HE WANTS ME TO GIVE HIM A FEW MINUTES!!!!!!?????
Okay, so my DIL and I venture back downstairs to look at this thing (approx 3-4 inches in length by the way). Her thoughts: Slug...a very very big slug???? (get the salt...a lot of salt)
Then we came to the conclusion that it was....yep....A BAT!!!! Three dogs jumping around the livingroom and this bat didn't budge! Dead or sleeping...not to mention, how the heck did it get in the house without anyone noticing....including the ever-observant, ever-curious dogs?????
Finally my son ventures downstairs and we tell him this is his big opportunity to show his manhood! WRONG!!! To make a long story short and after many attempts with all three of us climbing a ladder to get near enough to it to trap it under a bucket (only to climb back down saying, "you do it!"....talk about comedy)....I finally got brave and trapped it under the bucket while my son slid cardboard underneath so it was trapped and could be safely released...which he did by tossing the bucket into the neighbor's yard so it could fly out and away....which it did safely for all you bat fans.
We all then went into the kitchen and talked about who was braver while they helped me get the crockpot on for Pizza Soup for tonight's dinner. Not to mention we have no idea how it got in the house...no fireplace and it wasn't there when we went to bed. The kids then went back to bed...I got ready and went to work. Needless to say, it was another exciting morning in the 'burgh! I only wish the bat could have waited one more day till Sweetie Man was home! Till next time.....yinz crazy bats!