Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Still getting back to normal...

Okay...I'm still playing "catch up" here in the "burgh"! I'm reading your blogs and getting together my list of "Rockin Girl Bloggers" that I was tagged for. Also, I gotta show yinz guys a pic of the AWESOME...I'm talkin BIG AWESOME package that was sent to me by my dear dear friend BRANDY!!!! I love ya, Girl!!! OMG....she gave me stuff I didn't even know I wanted!!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!
And as soon as the Sweetie Man arrives home from work this weekend, I'll get those vacation pics for ya.
So, in the mean time, check out this quiz that I found over at Good Yarns! I guess a "wrinkled dog" fits this 50 year old body!!!
Till next time, yinz crazy guys....

discover your dog breed @ quiz meme