Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Google me this, Batman..... that you're all tired of looking at the pig head, I thought I would post something....actually I have no pictures to post yet....still looking to finish off the frame for my cross stitch wedding sampler...almost stay tuned for that.
Oh, about my Title... I'm a big GOOGLE fan.....I go to Google for EVERYTHING!!!! I've taught everyone at work to go to Google for everything!!! 9.75 times out of 10, I find what I'm looking for. Well, tonight I go to my Youth Group at Church...I'm usually just a helper but this week I gotta teach some younger teens.....I'm not a teacher....I can pretend to be a teacher....but technically, I can't control kids....ask my son! (I can't even control my three dogs!)
So, where does one go who must teach for 1/2 hour and doesn't know how to teach????? GOOGLE!!!! And sure enough, I found what I was looking for.
Oh, and what exactly was I looking for? MOSES! Now I believe that humor is the best way to teach just about anything...which is probably why I go to the church I do, cause my Pastor always makes us laugh...ALOT! So, I figured instead of talking, I would let the kids talk....aka, do skits on Moses. So, I plan on giving a little preview on Moses then I found this great skit on what would have happened had Moses had to call 911 Emergency about the Burning Bush....a talking Burning Bush no less. It's a really cute skit, so the kids should have alot of fun with it.
I guess you could say I just added another "Hat" to my already overloaded Hat Rack....that of "Religious Youth Teacher"! Then again, after I make them do this skit......they may never want me to teach them again!

Gotta love that "Google"!!!!
Well, that's what's keeping me busy for, till next time, yinz crazy guys......