Friday, April 28, 2006

urban legends...

Did anyone ever tell you the story about a kid they knew who knew a kid who had a cousin who had a spider bite that kept getting bigger and bigger and unbeknownst to them, it was actually a nest of spider eggs that one day broke open and let loose a flurry of baby spiders on his face???
Well, let me tell you.....I think that nest is on the left side of my face near my ear...and it hurts!!! At least it does when I touch it (any one of you say, "well then don't touch it"....I swear I'll never read your blog again!)
No in reality, I've got this zit that looks like a second's actually just one of those "headless zits" and I'm almost 50!!!! Go figure!!!! Will they ever ever end!!!!! Maybe if I would grow up mentally, I wouldn't get them. It is a sore one though. I'm hoping anyway that's all it is.....I was just to the doc this week and had blood tests and all and he felt around my glands so I'm sure he would have felt something suspicious don't all of you start to worry!!!! I'm nothing but a big 'ol zit head. And, if you are still a teenager, and your mom says, "oh, you'll outgrow it"......sorry, it just plain don't work that way. They may diminish....but they will always be there. But I do have a theory about zits....(don't I always)......if you have them, that means your face produces alot of nice oils which keep your skin nice and young that when you are 80 years'll only look 60 cause you have such great oily skin.
Okay...that's all I have to say today! I didn't blog yesterday cause I really was so very very busy helping my sweetie get ready for his trip then I got to bed really really late since my son and I took him to the airport. So, before sweetie man returns, I plan on painting the entire kitchen (which I will show before and after pics) as well as losing a few please don't show cakes and cookies on your blogs till I accomplish my weight goal ( you know who you are!)
Just kidding...hope I made you smile today......going to try and attempt my first knited pair of, till tomorrow.....tootles.