Friday, April 17, 2009

As promised....

.....the Crafty Post I promised you! And we'll start our post with the infamous Dotee Dolls! I just can't get enough of these. This first one is a Dotee I made for my niece and it's supposed to be her it's name is "Owen Dotee". I tried to put on things that I associate with him....truck buttons, sock monkey buttons (which I made out of clay that you bake), his cats that he likes to chase with an empty wrapping paper tube which as you can see is in his back pocket with the words, "here kitty"! His name is in buttons as a tail with a heart that reads, "Made with Love". I had so much fun making this one and my niece loved it.
This next one is "Dice Dotee"! I was sorta inspired to make this one as a good friend of mine was heading to Vegas and when I found the dice beads, this little doll was created.

I'm in a Swap-bot that has to do with purple and red Dotees....not necessarily the Red Hat Society but just purple and red. This was the one I received from Pam and it really came at an appropriate time as I was sick with a head cold and felt miserable and the Sweetie Man handed me this package as I was laying in definately put a smile on my face! She also sent me a little bag of goodies which I ALWAYS love to get!! Thanks again, Pam

This was my prize from Anna as I guessed what her kitty was looking at on her blog post! This cute little bunny is hanging in my office right now. I was really excited because it was also sent from Poland which is 100% what I am...Polish! Thank you, Anna....I love it!

These are a couple of washcloths I knitted up on the way to Michigan last week. The guitar I did on the way back home for my son and the fire truck I did on the way to Michigan to give to my stepdaughter and son-in-law as he is a firefighter. The patterns are from Dig Knitty..she sells them on her blog and the assortment is unbelievable....anything you can think of! And for me a beginning so easy!

That's about it for now. I have to work on my purple and red Dotee so I'll post pics of that soon.

Till next time, yinz crazy guys.......