Sunday, December 17, 2006

Finally finished....

Finally finished my flat bottom purse from the Happy Hooker book! Woo-hoo! It's going to be a present for a young lady in Maryland....the daughter of a friend of ours.

I must say that it is alot nicer than I had anticipated! It did use a little more yarn than the pattern called for but luckily my JoAnn's had it so I made a last minute run for it. I didn't have the yarn with me when I picked out the lining either but it matched up perfectly tho the picture didn't do it justice. Oh, and if you wonder what the little tag is in the purse, the Sweetie Man bought me a bunch of them and insisted I put them in things I make. He says I don't give myself enough credit for what I do. So, hence, the tag. (Lucy's Luxuries)

And being as I'm on a X-stitch kick, I thought I would show you a piece I did a long time ago. I sorta made up the frame and glued the X-stitch on a piece of round cardboard then surrounded the X-stitch with tiny pinecones, rafia, and those cinnamon gingerbread men that I molded myself. It has really held up over the years and I always thought it was so pretty.

This other thing I did was one of those glass block lights except this isn't glass it's plastic. Last year a craft store called "Pat Catan's" (great cheap place) had these blocks in plastic with the holes for the lights already in the bottom. All I did was find a pic I liked on the web, printed it on transparent sticky paper in my computer's printer and with a little glitter paint and some ribbon and of course a small string of light inside I have this cute decoration for my table. It really turned out nice.
You, can use the glass block from a Home Depot or whatever, but then again you have to drill the hole (big enough also to get the lights in) and that's a me, I've tried it. I'm sure if you google plastic glass blocks or something like that, you can get them via internet.
Anyway, that's about it for here. Just doing decorating and crafting and a little baking and enjoying the holiday season....hope you are too, so, till tomorrow, yinz guys......