Monday, May 18, 2009

"I'M HOW OLD???"

No, it's not me......but it is someone near and dear to my heart!!!! It's my wonderful niece Alexis and it was her birthday on FRIDAY (I thought it was today...oops!!!)

And not only is she a wonderful niece, she is my "soul craft sista"!!! She is pretty much the only one in my family who is as craft crazed as I am!!!

But even more than that.....she is wise beyond her years! She is as adorable now as she was when she was a wee little one! She has always accepted me for who I am, been totally honest and straightforward with me and has not only been my niece but one of my best friends!! Her husband is awesome and so perfect for her and she has the most adorable son (aka my great nephew) ever!!!

So, with that said......(I won't reveal her age but she is catching up to me..tee-hee!) I love ya, Alexis.......You are my favorite niece (okay, my only niece)....but I still love ya...hope you have (had) the most awesome birthday ever (any many many more healthy happy years) deserve it, Girl!!!!!