Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thank you...

First of all, I'd like to thank you all for your kind words and thoughts with the loss of my son's grandpap (my ex's father). And even if you just read my blog yesterday but didn't leave a comment, but maybe just said a small prayer...thank you. You are all the best. onto...ready for First MEME....
Did I spell that right? I see these in others blogs all the time but have never done one. This meme in particular interested me......So feel honored to be part (if you so choose) of the first folk-n-fancy meme. By the way, I googled meme and a picture of a siringe going into a brain was one of the things that came up.....I'm only going to hope that a "blog" meme is different.

Anyway, here goes...(don't know if I'm typing this correct...but what the's my blog anyway...I really doubt the "blog police" will send me a citation)

DESCRIBE "ME" IN ONE WORD....I'm not fishing for compliments (okay, so I am....hey, we're all friends here. May as well be honest with each other) Seriously tho....when you think of ME, (LUCY) what one word comes to mind. (in English, please....I don't do other languages).

Okay...that's it...get to work. My list of blogs I read may be shorter after tomorrow...just remember that. Okay, I'm kidding.....I love yinz can be honest (not too honest tho)

That's all to ya tomorrow!