Friday, May 12, 2006

I'm a pepper, you're a pepper...

....wouldn't you like to be a pepper too!! Okay, please tell me someone out there remembers that song??????? Oh, well, even if you don't, you will certainly like the little gems I received in the mail today from two of my favorite people. Actually they are for my sweetie man and me and our newly painted kitchen.
First, a surprise I received in the mail today was an awesome pepper potholder crocheted by my online little sis, Courtney from Candel in the Wind. Thank you soooooo much LG!
Now I have to say I had made a similar one but wanted another (or more) cause I really liked this potholder as did my sweetie man. So without lifting a finger, I got one. Her's is much brighter than mine which I really like and actually crocheted much neater than mine. But she's got them thar youngin fingers so that's probably the reason!!! Love ya , Court....thank you again! You are the best ever!!! And sooooooooo Sweet!
Next....another one of my favorite people is my darling niece who, on the same day I received my pepper potholder, sent me and my sweetie man, a great array of pepper this and that's for our kitchen. I love them ALL!
Everything was so cute from the pepper chinese lantern to the little salt dishes for well as a pepper tray and some little dishes and a trivet. We will use all of this I can tell you that for sure! She also send a few little gardening do-dads for ME..ME...ME! I plan on using them on the front porch as that is sorta my space with regards to gardening....sweetie man got the back yard. The tins off to the side, she sent for me as well and I will use them in some other crafts (which you may be seeing on our upcoming website in which we will sell some stuff!) So, thank you Alexis.....I love ya are the best niece ever.....and Happy Birthday on Monday!!!! (thought I didn't know that...didn't ya!!) I go to do's the weekend and I'm hoping to catch up on all my emails and blogs I've neglected for awhile. Things are getting back to normal and I'm starting to get organized I'm glad about that one! Okay...till tomorrow....and hopefully some prom pics of my son!!!! Tootles!