Friday, March 20, 2009


At long last.....for all of you in the southern hemisphere....HAPPY FALL??? Spring is my favorite season...actually later spring when the warm days out number the cold. If you checked my last blog post and decided to do some spring blog cleaning, I hope you enjoyed the post.
So, as promised here are some things I was working on and some I couldn't show you till now...
First off are the Twilight Key Chains I finished up for a couple of young ladies at my church who are Edward and Jacob crazy. My pics aren't the best and that darn black fabric picks up everything, but they loved them and I got two big hugs out of it!

Next off is the mailart that went to Australia. Some post offices will mail them while others look at you and say, "Are you out of your mind?" Mine said the second but helped me make a cardboard envelope with a see through plastic window and alot of tape. They pre-stamped it and hand post marked it so it looked like it went through the mail. The recipient, Katie, loved it!
It was my first mailart and I really didn't have any pattern so it's pretty simple. Not bad, for a first try I think!

Got another of the Cross Eyed Cricket Kisses done. This one is the Butterfly Kiss! See the wing? I think I'm going to do them all first then put them together for hanging on my wooden dowel tree. Two down...10 to go!

Made some progress on the Just Another Button Cup O'Tea. This is another series I'll put together when they are all done I think. I just love the colors of the over-dyes in these. How do you like the Q-snap Hugger I made? It was a first success after a couple of failures as again I had no pattern. I found someone who sells them and I think I will buy the other sizes. This is an 8 inch Q-snap. The 6-inch Hugger didn't turn out so well. I know I'm doin something wrong. I do like the feel of them and the material...not to mention they keep things neat and tidy and clean.

Oh, and remember the dotees? Well, I'm still working on those too and joined Swap-bot. These goodies were from a swap called the Dotee Scavenger Hunt. You get a list of things like "something round" or "something sparkly" and then go down the list and package them up, send them to your partner so they can use them for making dotee dolls! Jennie (don't have her blog, sorry) sent me this fabo-dotee package!!!! I was like a kid in a candy store looking at all the little goodies....gotta keep them away from the dogs or they will be candy...Dog candy!!

So, I think I gave you enough stuff to chew on for awhile. Probably will spend the weekend crafting and stitching and relaxing with the Sweetie Man...while watching Twilight!!!!
So, till next time, yinz crazy guys......