Thursday, August 26, 2010

What was I thinking....

Just bought this pattern in cross stitch....for $2.99....this may have to be part of my "bucket list" if you know what I mean.

It is absolutely awesome and is like 9 pages long and really looks authentic but WOW, what a project. My rule is tho, cross stitching is actually 2 separate hobbies....the actually act of cross stitching and collecting the patterns for the cross stitching. Now I don't feel so guilty buying something I may never do.

Next is a little finish. I loved this pattern and it really was quick to work up. Now the question is how to finish it. May just tack it onto some foam board with a nice backing and ribbon and decorative pin trim. Sweetie Man wants it for his little cubicle at work....hook, line, sinker....DONE!

So with those little tidbits for you, I'm off to my daily duties...till next time, yinz crazy guys!