Monday, September 08, 2008

Some progress...

My penguin is coming along wonderfully....if it weren't for the fact that someone introduced me to Thread Heaven...I'd be cursing that glittery thread!! It's not a 100% fix but it helps.

Finally finished the first of the Halloween Ornies in JCS. Only finished stitching. Can't find the spider unless I order it online so I just may make my own from polymer clay.

And this...well this is my Village of Hawk Run Hollow...not much done but it's a start. I saw the newest one that I think is called the Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. I just love all of these patterns.

Sweetie Man is away right now and one of the places he was going was going to be in the path of Ike but the storm took a slight turn and his plans didn't have to be cancelled...that means three weeks without him. My son and DIL keep me company and are doing an awesome job re-decorating the livingroom. I told them to do whatever they wanted in I crazy?...probably, but they have alot of great ideas and I trust them. Anything honestly will be an improvement....and I'm not real picky when it comes to home decorating....just make it light and bright and cheery....but then again...if the Sweetie Man is there it will be! (ahhhhh...don't forget, I'm still a newlywed!)
Okay...till next time yinz crazy guys....