Saturday, April 08, 2006

Al Hirt, here we come....

Happy Saturday...ours started out on a fun "note"...literally....Sweetie Man got a trumpet. It was rather funny cause we'd be listening to the radio and he would say, "if I had my trumpet, I could play that." And I of course said, "yeah, right!" He bought himself a used trumpet this past weekend...I would get to see if he was telling me the truth.
Well, son of a gun if he didn't prove me wrong. First he tried to wake my son up with son closed his door rather quickly...but he did get up! Then I accompanied him with my vocals on his rendition of "when the saints go marching in." And of course we got to hear somebody's fight song! And all around 10 am in the morning....lucky the neighbors couldn't hear...yet!
We had fun the rest of the day, shopping, getting a half ton of top soil for our new garden we will be making, and the of course, making dinner. Now, sometimes just a plain dinner won't do....we gotta be fancy. I hate to cook but love to bake. Ed is the chef. A few weeks ago he bought this....
It's called a Fiesta's like this mini buffet for tacos....($20 at Walmart if you just have to have one!) The roof of the thing holds lettuce, cheese, warm burritos while the heated section holds your taco meat and re-fried beans if you so choose. The side dishes hold your toppings. It all plugs in to keep things warm and is rather neat. Sweetie man loves gadgets and this was just one more to add to the collection (mainly cause it was decorated with peppers)....he's so cute!!!
Now if you didn't know by now, Ed is really into I found this really cute pattern for a jalapeno pepper through google that I made in one evening with crochet cotton. (click on the words for the pattern--the pic may not show but the pattern will)
I'll probably make more as we plan on painting the kitchen in the next month with a pepper theme...I can't wait, cause I hate the color of the kitchen now...UGH! I guess there was a pepper crochet something free at Annie's Attic but I missed it but I found this one which was really easy.
So with that I will leave you with my cute sleeping kitty...Echo Deuxfoille.....He's a french cat....(if you believe that....I got a bridge in Pittsburgh I'll sell ya) Anyway, he doesn't like the light in his eyes and we finally caught him covering his eyes as he slept. Isn't he adorable?
With that....I leave you for yet another day....till tomorrow and one day closer to putting my porch furniture up. (oh, yeah!) Tootles!