Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Super Scrabble CRAZY!! we like Scrabble!!! Well, Sweetie Man likes it and now I'm hooked! We've been playing the regular one but then last night pulled out the SUPER SCRABBLE!!! That game is INSANE!!! I mean really...the point values are crazy!!! Quadruple Points for one letter???? What's up with that? Not to mention the board is double in size...the letter bag takes two hands to lift ...and it takes almost three hours to play the thing! We were determined to finish it and actually brought out a light onto the front porch and the bug zapper till it was over. For awhile I was multi-tasking and cross stitching while I was playing! I did beat the Sweetie Man which I still can't believe I did...I think he is letting me beat him since I'm the only one who plays it with him and he doesn't want me to give up saying I never win! He is way way better at words then I am! I mean, he can unscrabble jumble puzzles in the dark...okay, well he probably could! Anyway, it was fun and with the Sweetie Man home for a week on a well-deserved vacation, I'm sure there will be a few more games in our near future.
I do have to tell you that I found a pattern for a scrabble board cross stitch but I can't seem to download it....if any of you know of one that is easy to download, let me know. I have seen the Monopoly one but I'm really not into that game!
Well that's about it for now....till next time Y-I-N-Z C-R-A-Z-Y G-U-Y-S.....