Friday, July 18, 2008

Do you CHA CHA????

Well, I do....and I don't even dance!!! (just kidding!) It's actually fast becoming a very popular search engine site. You can do a regular websearch at or if you are out and about and only have access to your cell phone but you really need to know the nearest restaurant to have a bite to eat or how to make your dog stop barking at strangers in the park....just text ChaCha (242 242) and ask. They have on-hand trained ChaCha Guides who anxiously wait at their computer for the familiar "door bell" ring to give you your answer in a matter of seconds. And how do I know this you son and DIL are two of them....and they get paid everytime they answer a question.
They've been paying bills off with this while babysitting for my DIL's younger about ingenious kids.
It's sorta funny cause they wanted to go see the new Batman Movie midnight showing but didn't have enough money for snacks. So they said, "Hey, let's go Cha-Cha for awhile!" They are trying to get me to do it but I just don't have the time right now. Maybe in the winter I will. You do have to go through a rather serious online training process and you are timed and monitored but for two young married college works for the summer and probably will work for school also.
Now, if my son gets me to do it, then he gets a percentage of what I get...or something like that.
I'm not totally sure how it all works. It's not really a "pyramid thing" . If I joined and got someone to join, he wouldn't get any percentage from that person. Make sense?
So, check it....go ChaCha!!! And if you want to become a ChaCha Guide, email me and I'll give you my son's name for a'll be helping a struggling college student in the process!
So, till next time.....yinz crazy guys...go CHACHA!