Saturday, February 05, 2011

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL???

It's been a little crazy here in the burgh these past two weeks. As you saw in my last post, I decided to make Spirit Gloves. Well when we added my hubby making Steeler buttons, business BOOMED!!! EVERYONE went crazy. We literally could hardly keep up with all the orders. Here's a pic of just some of the buttons he designed on our Badge-A-Minit.
This is one box of the pom-poms I was up till midnight a few days making for the Spirit Gloves.
Today (Super Bowl Ever) even hubby got into making pom-poms with our nifty pom-pom maker. It's not easy finding the black and gold yarn either. It's fun but extremely exhausting. One day I was actually delivering gloves to someone at their job, and someone in a van could 't roll their window down fast enough to ask me where I got them. Unfortunately, I was for the most part making them to order as I couldn't get ahead of the game to make them to sell outright without orders. It's crazy!!!

So with that said, hubby and I are off to finish more Spirit Gloves for tomorrow at our church so....till next time, yinz crazy guys......GO STEELERS!!!!!