Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Some New Year updates...

Hope everyone had a great New Year and is off to a crafty start like me. These Winter days really put me in a crafting mood so I'll show you a little bit of what I accomplished so far.
First I have to show you this hilarious pic of turtles. We gave our turtle to a friend of mine who already had a turtle and she was kind enough to send me this pic of the two together. Ours is the big one on the bottom.

Is it just me or should there be a cartoon bubble coming out of the bottom one's mouth with something like, "Whadda you lookin at?" or something like that. She just looks so annoyed that this younger turtle insists on climbing onto her shell. I just love it. the good stuff. Made this wine bottle cover from a pattern I happened to find online. I stupidly did not check my gauge and it was a little big but still cute for a fun wrapper for the wine.

I also knitted two hats for Christmas gifts with a basic #10 needles and bulky yarn. It ended up being flat of course with a nice ribbed brim and you just sewed it up the side. For a beginner knitter like me, it was perfect and still looked like I knew what I was doing. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics of them. I think I'm going to make another, so I'll be sure and photo it.
Next I finally did a finish for this cross stitch I did awhile ago. I thought the flat fold turned out great and my sister loved it. She's a bit of a Wizard of Oz fan.

Finally had to show Sweetie Man with his new Christmas present...a Cuisinart Vertical Rotesserie. That's a deer roast in there which turned out superb!!
That's about it for now. Working on a few things I'll have to show you once certain people get their presents, so till then, stay warm and keep crafting. Till next time, yinz crazy guys....