Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I did it!!! I've knitted something...I haven't knitted probably in a good 30 years. I actually remembered....I guess it's like riding a bike. The pattern is from a Carol Duvall show on knitting of all things. This lady did a purse and it was so easy I thought it would be a good beginner's project. I made a few boo-boos but I fixed them. I even lined the purse...I'm so happy with myself. By the way, I used Lion Brand Jiffy Thick and Quick yarn in Adirondack.

I originally learned to crochet at an early age. My mom taught me both crochet and knit but she was a crocheter. I thought crocheting was easier but back in the 60's, knitting was much prettier to me. So my parents bought me a "knit-0-matic" for my birthday (I was about 10). I loved that thing...when it worked. It was for young girls to learn how to knit. I guess if I googled it, someone probably has one for sale on ebay. Anyway, I never really did learn all the fine parts of knitting...but now I'm ready to attempt more....don't know what it will be next, and it will be worked on between my crochet projects, but you'll be the first to see the completed project.
So, that it's for tonight...short and sweet....till tomorrow.....10-4 good buddy!