Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The New BABY!!!

....yes, we have a new addition to the family....a 24 watt Floor Ott Lite with attached magnifier!!! After a exhausting night of trying to make homemade pierogi's that didn't turn out right (anyone have a good recipe with dough that doesn't act like a rubber band!)I was greeted with this lovely light!

Michaels has them on sale for $89.99 this week and I still had money on a gift card from Christmas.....ahhhhhh, life is good! Can't wait to really try it out!
My gift card also bought me this awesome bead case for my newest hobbie...Dotee Doll making. How cool is this case??? Michaels with a coupon only cost me around $10.00 minus all the beads, charms and what-nots of course some of which I had been collecting already. (you know you want one, my dear niece)

Side one.....

Side two....

I'm an organization freak....did you notice???
And this is my first attempt at circlular needle knitting. Yep, never done it. It's supposed to be a shawl from the Knit-a-day Calendar. It's super simple but I'm hoping someone will tell me how far I can go on this. You increase one stitch every row but it seems like it's not going to have enough room for the final width of the shawl. Seems like there will be an awful lot of stitches on here but not enough length. It called for a 36 inch circular needle and that's what this is. Hope I'm doing it right. Would love to make a prayer shawl for someone.

So that's about all I got to show...possibly in a couple of days with the addition of my new "Otty" (my nickname for the new baby), I'll have some progress to show you again. Thanks for stoppin' by...till next time, yinz crazy guys!