Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A little wordy....

Okay...I was going to vent here a little but I decided that it's really not my style. Well, yea it is but I do it quickly and sometimes I get a little wordy...so I don't know if I should really go there. Okay, I will...but only for a moment. I want to keep my blog upbeat...ya know...but sometimes I let my thoughts get the best of me and forget exactly why I'm writing. I started my blog to share patterns and ideas with people who enjoy what I do. But sometimes I venture where I shouldn't and see people's blogs who are bigger than mine, have a huge following...I'm talking HUGE!!! And then that green-eyed monster pops up and I feel like a failure. It's sorta like, you love your house and feel so comfy in it and worked so hard to get it the way it is until you go to someone else's house or another well-off neighborhood, then all of sudden you come back to your house and it doesn't look so nice or feel so comfy anymore. We've all done that...and then the feeling passes and you're back to loving your own house again. I liked my blog....I was proud of my blog....till I saw another with tons of comments and then I came back to mine and said to myself..."boring!" But it really isn't....I'm happy and I want to share my happiness, my patterns, my crafty thoughts, my corniness, (is that a word?) my comfy home and those who live here, just as other bloggers want to. I should mind my own blog and the purpose of it.....sharing something I love. Everyone has there reasons for blogging and I shouldn't try to change mine so I can get more comments....that would be nuts cause then you wouldn't know the real me. So with that thought in mind...I shall continue the best I know how. If anyone wants to read it...fine.....if not...fine too. I'm going to write about my love of crafts and patterns and crochet....I can't be anything I'm not, nor should I try to be. (I'ld still love to know the secret to a huge following)
Okay, now that I vented that thought....I told you I can get wordy...I can literally beat a subject to death.....literally! I didn't spank my son when he was little....nor did I ground him....but boy could I talk and talk and talk......if he did something that upset me, all I had to say was, "we'll talk later" and he was a wreck. I didn't yell....I just talked ALOT! He'd come back in the house five minutes later and say, "Could we 'talk' now and get it over with?" He was so cute!!! Now he's BIG cute and a damn good kid if I do say so myself and when he's upset....he talks...and talks (sometimes at midnight, unfortunately)....gosh, wonder where he got that from....it all comes back around.
Now, I want to show you a book I got in the mail. It's one from the Crone-Findlay Collection called Spool Knitting Treasures. It's really nice.

This is something the kids would enjoy too on a rainy afternoon. She makes these dolls from the small 4 or 6 peg spool knitters and just uses yarn scraps and such. And get this, there are even directions to make a hand made spool knitter with stuff that you are sure to have in the house. Great instructions too...I can't wait to get started. So check it out....her button is on my sidebar also.
Well, it's off to American Idol tonight.....down to 11 contestants...who gets the boot this week!!!
Thanks for listening to me...I really feel better now. So, as the farmer said as he fell off the cart....."I'M GONNA HIT THE ROAD NOW!" Till Tomorrow....Tootles!