Monday, June 12, 2006


Okay, so I wasn't the spokeperson for the festival but I could have been cause I would have said it was definately worth getting up at 5:30 am and driving 4 hours! It was a beautiful drive with wonderful company (sweetie man, of course) and a beautiful day weather-wise. Once we got there, we started our trek through the many well-organized tents that were set up.
The great thing about this was that the crafters were set up in each tent depending on what they did...for instance, food sellers were in one tent, textiles in another, etc... It made it much easier when looking for a vendor that you remember seeing but couldn't remember where.

This button manequin was too cute to resist taking a pic of.

It wasn't for sale, but really, what a cool idea for those left over buttons...and that manequin in your attic.

Oh, and the wine vendors were all of course grouped together letting you taste their you can see sweetie man lined up for the testing.
We managed to get through most of the tents, but we did have to rest a bit and listen to the non-stop bluegrass music while sitting on bails of hay amist the chairs.
And no festival day is complete without the visit to the Porta-Johns...which we had to take a pic of for the fun of it!
Sweetie man (aka my personal chef) managed to have loads of fun in the food tents buying lots of dips and mixes and different types of honey and butter spreads...including, pepper honey and hot pepper spread (you see a theme here?)
I, of course, found the one and only yarn vendor.....and did I hit it big. Lots of wools at great prices along with some terrific patterns. I was a happy camper!!

So, friends, that was our day in the state of West Virginia. We've been to a few craft shows to say the least, but this was one of the largest and best. They do this again in September so you may want to check it out (see a couple of posts ago for the website).
And before I go, whether you love football and/or our wonderful Steelers, take a moment and say a quick prayer for the Steeler Quarterback BIG BEN, who was in a bad motorcycle accident in Pittsburgh today. They say he'll recover but not without a lot of fixin' up! We love ya, Ben! Get well soon! Till tomorrow, yunz, guys!