Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What I WON'T tell you...

I've decided that this is an upbeat blog and I refuse to tell you about the lousy stinking day I had yesterday and today. I most certainly won't tell you about the fact that yesterday I spilled milk twice and didn't cry over it at least not until after the scooter returned home after the $109 tire was replaced that had gone flat before the Sweetie Man ever even got to ride the dang thing ONLY to discover that now there is something wrong with the brake light (and we don't even have the title from Ohio yet...never buy a scooter online!). I won't depress you with those details.
And I certainly won't tell you about the fact that no sooner had I arrived home today from work walking up the back steps with a bee stinger in my foot (yeowwww) only to hear the phone ring and my son telling me the car broke down in a Walgreens parking lot and may have to be towed. No sireee...I won't tell you those depressing facts of my life....I'm going to keep my blog upbeat and show you the cool door decoration I made yesterday (somewhere between the spilled milk and the broken brake light).....It's a watermelon for your door.

It's made from a 14 inch straw hat (any craft store find) and plain old acrylic paints and black buttons for seeds. I saw one of these on vacation once and always liked the straw hat thing. As a matter of fact, I'm on a search for an old crochet pattern that is made to look like a hat but is actually crocheted and placed over a upside down cool whip container on a 14 inch flat straw mat. (hint-hint) It's an old pattern and I probably could figure it out on my own from what I remember 30 some years ago. (I can remember patterns but don't worry about me ever remembering your phone number). I also managed to get some of my swaps ready for the mail tomorrow....and that is an accomplishment since my face is in the dictionary under the word "procrastinator"!
The bottom line here, yinz guys, is that I work much better when I'm extremely stressed and angry.....but I won't tell you that since this is an upbeat blog....got it? Okay...there will be a quiz tomorrow...just kidding.
Gonna go have a cup of java and take the cat to his regularly scheduled yearly vet appointment.....wish me luck! Till tomorrow gang....and another happy happy day!!! (riiiight!)