Sunday, April 02, 2006

The finished product...sorta!

Well, here is the finished felted purse. The blocking or shaping of it turned out nicely as you can see.

It shrunk up pretty good also.
Where it was 19 inches long it is now 11 inches and it was about 12 inches high and now it is about 8 inches. I forgot to measure the width of it but I'm gonna guess that it was a good 8 inches wide and now is about 4 inches wide.
Now as far as the grommets go (those gold clasps), I never was good at putting them in and the directions weren't the best, but after several attempts and two hammers later I figured it out.
Unfortunately I ran out of grommets in the process and the back (which you cannot see in the picture) has no grommets yet...but they will. In the pattern (which is in my Favorite Patterns Link now) it showed the straps out of strips of leather. I managed to find a pack of scrap leather strips at the craft store so I used those...but you can do anything you want.
So with that said, don't be afraid to attempt's really easy. I got my yarn at Knit Picks and it was called Wool of the Andes...only $1.79 a skein and their delivery was pretty quick. Check it out. (click on Knit Picks and it will take you there)
Well, that's about it for today. It was a beautiful spring day here in Pennsylvania and I hope it was where you with that, I'll talk to ya tomorrow, after going back to the old grind....tootles!