Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New look!

As you can see I'm currently "under construction"! I wasn't really happy with my last look so I opted to change. It took alot of playing around but I came up with this RED HAT theme (ya know, wild and crazy gals 50 and over?) I'm also going to throw a little Maxine in the mix....she's hilarious! I was messing with my template and then decided to give the New Blogger stuff a try. I had switched to the New Blogger but never used their new Layout. I do have to tell you that once you get the idea as to what is going on, it's a heck of alot easier to make changes and add things. No more searching on your HTML template for the exact location of where to put things. And you can upload pics right to the sidebar rather than finding the url from Photobucket or whatever. Pretty slick! But whatever you do, "select, copy, and paste" your old blog to a disk or your documents in case things don't work out for you. I actually just took one of the already made templates from blogger and put in the colors I wanted and came up with this look. I'm pretty pleased with the results. You first need to go to your template and I think it's "customize design" or something like that. Then change your template (blogger said they will save your old one, but I still did a back up)....pick anyone really because you can change colors and fonts after you do. A screen will come up letting you do this. Then once all that is done your template will look like squares that you can drop and drag and edit individually. You will have to put back in things from your sidebar that's extra....blogs you read, pictures, etc.... JUST SAVE THAT OLD TEMPLATE SOMEWHERE IN CASE YOU MESS UP SOMETHING OR NEED TO FIND A URL FOR AN AVATAR OR WHATEVER. And preview before you save. So be patient as I add things and figure out where things go for now. And try it yourself....figuring out things like that is good for the brain cells...helps ya live longer! So, till next time, yinz crazy guys!