Thursday, July 23, 2009


...THAT'S 'HELLO' IN SWAHILI! Something I learned at the Vacation Bible School at our church this week! Which is why I've been MIA!

It's the first one we've ever had and it's going wonderfully! 60+ kids! Oh, and guess who is in charge of crafts???! It's fun and I have alot of helpers....I'm not an incharge person so it's safe to say we work as a team and have a blast every night with the kids. Everything is animal themed of course, even the snacks. Most of it was from Oriental Trading and is foam (NOT THE SNACKS, SILLY)...animal necklaces, animal bookmarkers, animal magnets. Tonight will be visors with names and maybe stickers and tomorrow will be animal frames with their pictures in them. I discovered the value of glue dots also. I told one little girl that when people sneeze, they can save the contents (boogies) and put them in an envelope to send to the glue factory to make the glue dots....come know that's funny!!! (don't worry, she knew it wasn't true!)
Needless to say, my Etsy Shop won't have it's Grand Opening now till next week and my crafts have been laid aside for the week. Luckily I'm doing some at church so I'm not in craft/stitching withdrawal yet.
So, yinz guys, hope ya don't miss me too much and I'll be back next week! So, till next time.....JAMBO!!!