Monday, February 23, 2009

Yep, it's me again...

I had a couple of finishes that I never posted so I thought I would do that for yinz guys.
This is actually a part of an ornament. I haven't actually finished it as an ornament but it is all stitched. There are two of them exactly the same but with our last name and the other with my son and DIL's last name and 2008 stitched on both. Being as my son and DIL and Sweetie Man and I were both married last year, I thought it was appropriate. I like to make an ornament with the date on it each year for our Christmas tree anyway. It is really nice to look back and see what craft I was into that year. (all pics are clickable for a close-up)

Second, I love the Cross-Eyed Cricket series of Kisses. The first of course was the pepper for the Sweetie Man. I haven't decided if I'm going to stitch them all first then make them into ornaments for my dowel rod tree or do each separately. (probably the first as I'm really into stitching them) I think this one was called HOT KISS! (enough said on that one!) The silver and red are really sparkly and the thread was a "braid" not the filament and was really nice to work with.

This is the next Kiss I'm working on called BUTTERFLY KISS. I'm sorta into butterflies so I'm excited to see this one completed. They are pretty quick to crank out!

I've gotten into the Just Another Button Teapot Series from last year and the Cup'o Tea Series currently coming out. I'm not in order here(long story as to why)but this is the February Cup'o Tea I'm working on. I've done the January 2008 Teapot as an exchange (check out MELISSA'S BLOG HERE for the pic) but I plan on doing one for myself. Now the buttons are rather pricey so my LNS suggested I don't use all the buttons as they aren't all necessary to the piece and spread them out substituting in the other months...make sense? Like maybe the birds used in one are not as necessary as the birds may be to the design of another. So you skip them on one piece and use them on the other. $8.00 to $15.00 for a package of buttons does tend to add up...luckily I haven't bought much.

And in the last post I told you I've gotten a little addicted to the Dotee Dolls....Here are my last two creations. No pattern (which is usually difficult for me as I don't think I'm creative enough) but maybe I underestimated myself as I really like these dollies I made up! First one is Pepper Man Dotee Doll (notice the buttons that read HOT) and the second is Booby Dotee Doll (see the snaps?)

So with that I shall be on my way! I've been feeling really crafty lately, so lets see what I can come up with next....till next time, yinz crazy guys....